The Another World Exhibition
at Frieze art fair in London

Exhibition works by female artists from the Deutsche Bank Collection
Curated by Tracey Emin CBE RA

Deutsche Bank Wealth Management lounge at Frieze London

Over 800 postcards have been created by living femaie artists from the Deutshce Bank collection, to raise money for charities that support vulnerable women.
An exhibition of works by female artists from the Deutsche Bank Collection, curated by Tracey Emin and her studio, 'Another World' is an exhibition on display in the Deutsche Bank Wealth Management lounges at Frieze London and Frieze Masters 2018. The collection of work by female artists marks 100 years of women's suffrage. To mark 100 years of women’s suffrage, Tracey Emin and her studio have curated a show of work by female artists from the Deutsche Bank collection at Frieze London and Frieze Masters. Although the show ‘ Another World’ is dedicated to women (Emin and her studio reviewed all of the 670 female artists in the Deutsch Bank collection), Emin says she wants the theme “to relate to everybody”. The title could refer to a liminal or dream-like state, she points out. “Another world can be the twilight time when we are half asleep and half awake. Or literally another world, another universe, the animal kingdom, or for me personally, another world represents the afterlife,” Emin says. The artist has created a new neon work, Another World, especially for the show. Deutsche Bank Wealth Management Lounge
at Frieze London on Saturday 6th October at 15:00
Frieze London
Regent’s Park
Frieze London
The Other World Exhibition

FotoFocus Biennial
Re-membering an Archive: Iris at 10

September 28, 2018 - Februray 1, 2019

Iris Bookcafe and Gallery Cincinnati, USA

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Re-membering an Archive: Iris at 10
2018 marks the 10th anniversary of Iris Bookcafé and Gallery’s presentation of exceptional photography by local, regional, a nd international artists and offers an opportunity not only to remember but to construct a heretofore non-existent archive. Over the past ten years, the exhibitions curated by William Messer represent the work of artists working as far away as China, Mongolia, Korea, India, and Ethiopia, and more than a dozen countries across Europe—and closer to home in Mexico, South Dakota, Kansas, New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, across the US West and Midwest, including regional photographers from Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Akron, Lexington, Detroit, Kalamazoo, ranging in age from 20 to 70 years old. Many are nationally and internationally respected artists, with numerous published books of their work, while some were new emerging artists. Re-membering an Archive: Iris at 10 features work by many of the artists Iris has exhibited over the last decade and will remain a testament to the mark that Iris has had on the photography community. Invited Artists: Lars Anderson, Darryl Baird, Achinto Bhardra, Mark Cohen, Bill Davis, Rachel Elliott, Tim Freeman, John Ganis, Carey Gough, Lloyd Greene, Tina Gutierrez, Diana Duncan Holmes, Steve Hotard, Hana Jakrlová, Paul Kohl, Kent Krugh, Ji Hyun Kwon, Pok Chi Lau, Maurice Mattei, Guy Mendes, William Messer, Ardine Nelson, Harvey Osterhoudt, Bernard Plossu, William Renschler, Emily Schiffer, Gordon Smith, Tim Stegmaier, Marc Suda, Danielle Voirin, Sean Wilkinson, Michael Wilson, Matthew Zory Fotofocus Biennial: Re-membering an Archive

Portrait of a Lady
Seoul, Korea

13. September - 24. October, 2018

Exhibition curated by Nayoon Koo, Director of Opera Gallery Seoul

The Director of Opera Gallery Seoul requests the pleasure of your company to the opening reception.
Opening: Wednesday, 12th September 2018, 6.00-8.00 pm.
at. Opera Gallery

Opera Gallery, 18, Eonju-ro 154 gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, S.Korea
Mon - Sun : 10am - 7pm
Tel. +82-2-3446-0070

Negotiation of identity
Breslau, Poland

24. August - 21. September, 2018

Exhibition curated by Dr. Krzysztof Jurecki

Negotiating reality. Between real and virtual in the 21st century photography
Artists: Kamila Rosińska (PL/UK), Michaela Spurna (Cz), Simon Crofts (UK), Ji Hyun Kwon (Korea), Sylwia Kowalczyk (PL/UK), Tadeusz Prociak (PL), Leszek Żurek (PL), Magdalena Samborska (PL), Krzysztof Ligęza (PL) FOTO-GEN Gallery invites you for the vernissage of Negotiating reality. Between real and virtual in the 21st century photography exhibition on 24th August 2018 at 18:00. The exhibition confronts various newest ways of expression, such as analogue photography, photo-collage and digital photomontage and photographic panoramas. It asks a question whether a document’s category and mimesis are important in contemporary practice, or is it technique based on diverse montage? Opening_ Friday. 24. August. 18:00
Gallery FOTO-GEN
Center of Culture and Art in Wrocław
Institutions of Culture of the Local Government of
the Lower Silesian Voivodship

pl. bpa Nankiera 8, 50-140 Wrocław
Tuesday to Friday 10.00-18.00
Saturday to Sunday 11.00-19.00
tickets: Normal PLN 4, concessional PLN 2
Tel. 71 344 78 40

Solo exhibition in Milan, Italy

10. May - 11. June, 2017

Exhibition curated by Denis Curti

After France, Germay, US and Korea, “The Guilty” will be exhibited Italy for the first time; an intimate photo project through which the Korean artist Ji Hyun Kwon investigates guilt. This research started in 2009, from the artist’s personal experience, from the guilt she felt towards her family when she decided to give up a safe career as a lawyer to become a photographer. On this occasion, Ji Hyun Kwon made the first of a series of portraits that make up “The Guilty”: a self-portrait marked with the sentence “I’m sorry”. Still will exhibit a sequence of faces of men and women, children in some cases, from different countries around the world. The pictures are impersonal portraits, whose roots are to be found in the famous work “People from 20th Century” (1929) by August Sander, with references to Hilla and Bernd Becher’s portraits as a mug shot and Thomas Ruff’s Dusseldorf School: a frontal position, glancing at the camera, a neutral light, a uniform background. But the portraits are also literally marked by the distress that the subjects, after a dialogue with the artist to find the sense of guilt hidden in each of them, decide to show by writing it on their own faces. There is Maureen who cannot express her love for her lover, Mohammed who still doesn’t know what he wants, Yoo Jin, the girl who let her father down when she quit going to Church. “The Guilty” is not just an exhibition: it is a social research about the feeling of oppression which is inevitably present in each of us. The intention of the artist is not only to immortalize guilt, but also to exorcize it, to set the subjects free through their revelation. Still, Via Balilla 36, 20136 Milano
Opening Wednesday 10 may 2017 h 18.30
Monday to Friday 9 – 13 | 14 – 18
Saturday and Sunday on appointment
free entry
Tel. 02 36 74 45 28

Welcome to the Book Talks at Kehrer Gallery Berlin

27. January. 2017. 7PM

Book Talks with Ji Hyun Kwon, Tom Licht and Alan Luft

We cordially invite you and your friends to our book talks on January 27 at 7 pm.
On a regular basis Klaus Kehrer will introduce a selection of new publications together with changing artists. You will get the chance to meet the artists in person, to get insights into the various projects, and to purchase signed copies. Photography fans, interested collectors, as well as art and photobook newbies are very welcome! Kehrer Galerie
Potsdamer Straße 100, 10785, Berlin

The Guilty book is going to Paris Photo!

10-13. November. 2016

Grand Palais, Paris, France

You can meet The Guilty book at the Stand of Kehrer publishing house during Paris Photo 20th edition. Kehrer Verlag Heidelberg Berlin: Section of publishers and art book dealers_ Stand F2 Grand Palais
3 Avenue de General Einsenhower, 75008, Paris

The Guilty solo show is going on in Cincinnati

5. October. 2015 - 22. January. 2016

Iris BookCafe and Gallery, Cincinnati, USA

Paul, 2013
I have accomplished little.
Because I have been too focused on myself.
What do you feel guilty about?
In The Guilty, Kwon finds individuals of different cultural and geographical backgrounds who have internal feeling of built-up guilt, which she asks them to express in written form. By then transferring elements of that expression onto their own faces in their respective languages, they bring their guilt to the surface to become subject of arresting portrait photographs, revealing both the cultural specificity and universal complexities of guilt. In exhibition, they require the viewers self-reflectively to return their gaze.
Iris curator William Messer
Second Sunday Crits: 13th of December, 2 - 5 PM
Iris curator William Messer leads an open group review in which photographers share their work in discussion with one another.
Two diffrent The Guilty books (published by The Museum of Photography Seoul, Kehrer Verlag Heidelberg Berlin) are all available in Iris BookCafe.
Iris BookCafe and Gallery
 1331 Main Street, Over the Rhine, Cincinnati, USA

The Guilty book is published!

Published by Kehrer Verlag Heidelberg Berlin

The first book of The Guilty was published by The Museum of Photography, Seoul in 2014.
Now a more comprehensive The Guilty is being published by Kehrer Verlag( in Germany in November, supported by abcdruck GmbH Heidelberg (, firstly being released at Paris Photo 2015.
texts by   Dr. Matthias Harder, chief curator of Helmut Newton Foundation, Berlin
  Sunyoung Kim, curator of The Museum of Photography, Seoul   printed by   abcdruck GmbH Heidelberg designed by   Kehrer Design Heidelberg_ Martin Lutz form and size   hardcover, 12 x 16,9cm page and pictures   168 pages, 42 photographs  language   English release date   November 2015 ISBN   978-3-86828-642-7
A guilty conscience made manifest
 Guilt is both the starting point and the subject matter of this conceptual photo series – or perhaps better put, performance. Guilt cannot be objectified, and thus here it is consequently expressed in a highly individual, sometimes even comprehensible, manner. In some societies (we gladly forget), it is hardly possible to show or express certain emotions. We must thus credit the artist for her great empathy and tenacity, for continuing to successfully convince people from a variety of cultures to engage in her intense role-play.
Chief curator of Helmut Newton Foundation, Berlin, Matthias Harder

FORMAT International Photography Festival

13th March - 12th April 2015

Derby, UK

FORMAT International Photography Festival established in 2004 is one of the UK's leading international contemporary biennale of photography and related media.
FORMAT is focused on developing opportunities for audiences to see, debate, develop, contribute and participate in the best of what photography is and can be, with comprehensive professional practice programmes and exhibitions. The biennale and off year programmes celebrate the wealth of contemporary photographic activity.
The theme of 2015 FORMAT festival is EVIDENCE. The search for evidence is central to an understanding of our society and acceptance of its institutions. We use evidence to support, confirm and attest to our ideas, discoveries and investigations. Evidence is the mainstay of how we decide what is and is not true. 17 pieces of The Guilty works from Ji Hyun Kwon and documentary making film of its process will be presenting in the exhibition of EXPOSURE. It will offer a dynamic range of responses to this year’s festival theme of EVIDENCE from selected artists from across the world. Déda Gallery, Chapel Street, Cathedral Quarter, Derby, DE1 3GU. UK FORMAT is directed by Louise Clements, organised by QUAD and the University of Derby. Supported by Arts Council England, Derby City Council and multiple partners from the UK and international origins. Curated by Louise Clements
The 6th European Month of Photography

16–22. October, 2014

Kunstquartier Bethanien Berlin

Can today be worthy of the honor, something completely new to show photography? The Bauhaus University established in 1860 in Weimar as the Great Ducal Saxon Art School then was renamed Bauhaus by its new director Walter Gropius in 1919. At the Bauhaus University Weimar, there have been decades in the faculties media and design classes for Photography and Video art. The Bauhaus artists use different approaches and methods that staged between conceptual, documentary and performative oscillate. 
 ‘’ the exhibited artists stand for a photograph, which can not be forced into a categorical corset, but the facets and possibilities of the medium shows in all variants.  The participating 22 artists are already excellent and widely exhibited artists show that, on an international level, art is created in Thuringia.
   Ji Hyun Kwon studied at Bauhaus University Weimar and recieved her Master of Fine Art degree in Media art and Design. The Guilty series was first created in FH Bielefeld with Prof. Katharina Bosse and Roman Bezjak in 2009. Then the project has been deeply developed in Weimar together with Bauhaus artists during 2010-2013.  Since 2014, she is PhD candidate in Art at Aalto university in Helsinki specialized in culture and art in North Korea.   Invited by HAMMERSCHMIDT + GLADIGAU and Nina Röder. In cooperation with the Bauhaus Universität Weimar 

DORMITORY 3 channel video installation work is showing at The 5th Daegu Photo Biennale in Korea

12. September–19. October, 2014

Daegu Culture and Arts Center

Dormitory 2010-2014,
3 Channel video installation, Exhibition view

The 5th Daegu Photo Biennale to be held in 2014 presents the flow of international modern photography and play a central role in spreading Korea’s photo culture worldwide.  Daegu has long been leading Korea’s photography culture. Based on its historical, cultural and human resources, the city is hosting the Daegu Photo Biennale in order to achieve a quantum leap as a mainstream leader of photographic art. The event seeks a new direction of modern photography in order to cope with the expandability of photos and rapid changes in photographic art in a digital technology environment. The fifth edition of the Daegu Photo Biennale,“Photographic Narrative,” features photos by 250 artists from 31 countries, including Korea, Spain, Italy, Argentina and Brazil.  Ji Hyun Kwon’s Dormitory_3 channel video installation is showing at ENCOUNTER 3 exhibition curated by Sujong Song.  Dormitory project consists of panoramas of the dorms with young people in their 20s.  What happens within the small space called ‘Dormitory’ does not seem to be limited to a building in a campus. Being faithful to oneself might cause being indifferent to others, even to those who are nearby.  - Ji Hyun KWON      Curated by  Sujong Song Organised by  Daegu Photo Biennale Organizing Committe 

The PhotoBiennale 22nd International Photography meeting in Thessaloniki

‘LOGOS' , 8.May – 8. October, 2014

The PhotoBiennale_22nd International Photography Meeting is organized by the Museum of Photography Thessaloniki, the only state-run museum dedicated exclusively to photography in Greece ( ).  The international meeting includes exhibitions presented in museums, galleries and other exhibitions all over the city of Thessaloniki, as well as in other Greek cities, in collaboration with public and private organizations.   Ji Hyun Kwon’s The Guilty series are exhibited in the main show LOGOS 1 at The Museum of Photogrpahy Thessaloniki. Theme of the Photobiennale
Time – Place – Discourse 
 What is a work of photography: a moment in time, capturing a specific place, presenting a story? Or is it not so simple? The viewer has been given the opportunity to see how each photographer understands the meanings of those concepts above through each series of works, emphasizing different elements through various photographic practices.
Organized by The Museum of Photography Thessaloniki Supervised by Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports, Greece

Solo show with The Guilty at The Museum of Photography, Seoul

26.April - 21. June, 2014

The Museum of Photography, Seoul

The Museum of Photography, Seoul(MOPS) (Chief Director, Song Youngsook), intensively presented ‘The Guilty’ series by Ji Hyun KWON who lives and works in Berlin.  MOPS has been seeking for talented Korean artists who work to keep their feet on the ground in the global stage in order to make the Korean contemporary photography more enriched and keep it pace with the international trend of interchange.   In her home ground, KWON presents her ‘The Guilty’ series, which she has already verified her talent with on the international arena for the last 4~5 years.  ‘The Guilty’(2009~2013) is the portrait series which she has been working on since 2009. This work started from her own feeling of social guilty of living as an ‘artist’, running away from the expectations of her family and society. The project was started by asking a question that she was in trouble with finding an answer for; Why are you trying to be an artist? However, this project became a larger scale as asking people across genders and ages from various cultural backgrounds in more than 30 countries about their feeling of guilty.   The portraits reveal each different genuine answer from deep inside of their heart.  Hosted, Organized by The Museum of Photography, Seoul Sponsored by Ga-Hyeon Foundation of Culture, Hanmi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Deutsche Bank Collection purchased the series of ‘Dormitory’

Dormitory(2010-2014) project consists of video and photography.

Artist Note
 In many universities, students are assigned to a dormitory room at random base, and they cannot pick their own roommates. In this small space, their personal life is wide open to each other. Without making any effort, they easily find out what time their roommates get up, go the bed, how many phone calls he receives, what he talks about, how long he talks on the phone, whether he snores at night, how loud it sounds, how often he takes a shower and etc.   There seems to be invisible walls in their room, as they do not have that much privacy. Looking deeply inside the system, there is indifference and self-defense. Each room has the same structure in a dormitory. The rooms are next to each other in a row and there are many regulations and guidelines to follow.   What happens in this small space does not seem to be limited to the building in a campus.

Group exhibition at Korean Cultural Centre in Berlin

21.Feb - 6.April, 2014

Korean Cultural Centre in Berlin
Cultural Department of Embassy of the Republic of Korea

This exhibition was curated and hosted by the Korean Cultural Centre Germany which is the cultural department of Embassy of the Republic of Korea, with the selected talented emerging Korean artists, Ji Hyun Kwon, Chan Sook Choi, Seoryang Kim who have been working in Germany by producing meaningful works in context of global art scene. This exhibition was specially organized for the visiting of the president of Korea, Park Geun-Hye, for the first time in Germany during 25th~28th March, 2014. Supported by Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Germany 

New work 'SELF' was published in THE GLOBAL ART COMPASS

Written by Alistair Hicks, Senior curator of Deutsche Bank
Published by Thames and Hudson, London, 2014

In Global Art Compass, Alistair Hicks demonstrates his belief that no single curator, critic, or dealer should monopolize our view of what is happening in the art world today, but that by listening to the artists themselves, we can gradually make out an ever-evolving web of patterns, relationships, and themes. Organized by continent and including extracts from interviews with artists from around the world, the book offers a fresh view of the contemporary art world through various artists.